The King's Men is a registered race team based in Melbourne, Australia. It grew from a small seed planted out on Beach Road and has turned into self sustaining movement.  The group is made up of bunch of individuals who don't quite fit into the ways of the everyday world, and generally, are socially retarded. But together, they have a common bond and purpose - TO RIDE.  

Click around and see what TKM is all about. Check out the rider profiles and the TKM Cup standings. Pay homage to past TKM Champions like the Big Butcher, The Redneck Hick, The Hairy Eagle and The Greyhound. Listen to a story from the Fisherman. Tip the next winner of the next Shittest Bloke in Melbourne (hint: it's likely to be the Eagle).

TKM revolves around a fierce but friendly internal rivalry, both on and off the black top, as well as being involved with racing of all types involving pedal power.  Go to any race and you're likely to spot someone from the green machine in attendance, whether it be at the pointy end of A grade or off the back end of D grade (although the later we tend to tease).  TKM is a tight knit group of buddies that takes the anger out of cycling and channels that energy through the pedals instead.

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Can you join?  Check out the TKM rules and find out.  But like a good golf club, the waiting list is long, as the intent of the TKM train is to keep the carriages to a minimum, and therefore keep the ride fast, fun and most importantly, SAFE.  Unlike virtually all other group rides, TKM is proudly accountable for its actions and will remain to be so.