The Sherpa

HOF #3 2014.

Arguably TKM's greatest athlete on paper, absolute weapon when he chooses to be yet has consistently amazed everyone with his inconsistency.. Although you never know weather he will bring a can of Red Bull or a can of distilled water on Tuesday & Thursday mornings he does always seem to support the same lady friend. Some say he has had 6 girlfriends, believed to all have been the same person.  

He answers to Sherpa, Sherps, Turps, The Milky Bar Kid and anything that smax’s little aluminium encased brain can think of.  

When the ride time hits 2.5 hours or the odometer reads 75km+ Sherps will be the loud talkative guy in the peloton who thinks he is hilarious.  Don’t let this period of euphoria fool you that he is doing it easily.. if the Sherpa doesn’t drink a can of coke, pull over or stop saying ‘PEARSON GILLS’ immediately he will go into full body cramp, go completely silent and get popped by everyone including but not limited to Goosey. 

In summary another lost Melbourne rider, a former rogue and a bitter talent who has found his place with a group of ungroupables.