The Snapping Turtle

So what do we call a young man who comes to us, who may not necessarily be the fastest on the inside but his perseverance and dedication makes him one of the toughest on the outside?  He has proven himself, especially on the longer rides where some of the speedsters of Noize have found that eventually, Random Anth's slow and steady style resulted in him winning the race.  No matter where others sit on the food chain, this kid is tough enough that even the top predators are unable to break him.  What do we call a man who occasionally pops his head out for a roll and when he does he does it with vengeance?  What do we call this man who may look innocent and friendly, but watch out as he packs a dangerous and unexpected bite?

The Snapping Turtle, that's what!

The Bulldozer

So much potential, so little time.  

'Dozer' dominated, then started a family - is in the honeymoon period.  

Won TKM Road Champs off the stick as a random - the boy has talent.

The Chef

Any nicer and he'd be helping old ladies across the road for a living.

No one knows if he will keep the name Samuel or Chef when he is the pope.  

If he stopped dabbling in triathlon, he might have some real promise on the road bike.

Doglet's butler


The Noodle

Wishes he was a Boston Legal extra. Rides a Parlee after his Dad destroyed his Cannondale on garage roof. Left TKM to spend more time photographing his italian boyfriend