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Photos from Ride Different in 2015:



We are extremely lucky to have the lads from who run the best cycling events on the planet who are behind the scenes taking care of all of the weekends logistics for us.

Huge reach around especially to The Flying Gypsy Nathan Lorkin who has always been tireless in his efforts for TKM. He has a 6ft chicken to prove it. But that story is for another time.



1st Round Offers have now been made and closed to our participants from last year's Ride Different. There are still a number of places available to attend this years Ride Different supporting the Allanah And Madeline Foundtion

Price is $395 which is all inclusive of quality accommodation, meals from Saturday morning breakfast through to Sunday lunch, all ride logistics including three support vehicles, ride nutrition as well as the priceless entertainment provided by TKM. This represents the absolute price of the trip less a little more which will be subsidised by TKM. So in reality this is at below cost. Keep in mind a half decent seat to this years AFL Grand Final is $400.

To secure you place (Entries limited to 40 total) fill out the registration form which can be found through the below link and return to The King via email at
And for those of you worried about the pace, distance and v's, don't be. There are plenty of muppets that are coming along who can't wait to jump in the sag wagon bus and snap open a frothy hours before the rest of us.

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All smiles - the 2015 TKM Ride Different participants