Stage 4 Nice to Nice TTT 25km

Well, Stage 4 is run and won. There really isn’t any way to describe a TTT that makes it seem interesting. It’s OK, but it isn’t great. Watch a pile of blokes ride in a line. Sure they are pumping the guts out of it, but this early in the piece there really isn’t much at stake. 

Orica ttt.jpg

Still, that’s not to say that there weren’t some interesting observations that we could make. We at Velotipper are sometimes accused of being GreenEDGE naysayers (except the bus driver, we’re unapologetic fans of his). So we were very surprised and incredibly impressed when OGE took the win. Bloody fantastic result for Gerro and for the rest of the squad. And it was great to see them celebrating at the end. All of these stoic victors… please! Be excited about winning. 

Gerro Yello

Gerro Yello

It was a pure stage win as OPQ and SKY were within 3 seconds. Not much advantage to any of the GC hitters. More importantly Saxo was only 6 seconds behind SKY, and BMC were only 23 seconds down on Froome. So in terms of GC, it was much of a muchness. 

At the other end of the finishers, it was….DEGENKOLB. Argos-Shimano. Out the arse..