26th March 2013 Classic Noize Report.
Ranking are Good to GoGo.

With the recent razz up of the lordz in tinsle town there was a record turnout of rankings today so many in fact that the rankers can now be ranked!!!! The stats dont lie and the more of them the bigger the stiffy curve. JUST ASK GOON. So your ranking today is where your stiffy sits in the peleton GOT IT?

Special mention must be made that the King has no stiffy rating.

We are now offering same day service in spreadville. So to the lets get into it!

Woah Woah Woah what a day from brown town to the brown sign! 31 fine specimens plus 3 TBAs headed off to soil themselves and after a bit of turd hurdling the train got itself sorted and hit a hefty pace of 53kph. It was all shits and giggles as the hurdles tumbled with Jester, Precious, Goat, Goosey Gostie Modz and Floz all getting bowled over by the Asian Olympian who was clearly in the event for the first time. The Biggle kind of got stuck in there too. But then the biggest soft on for the day took place and there was nothing a 100 flluffers could do to get this mans stiffy up again the Wet Beaver rolling punches at the start hit the canvas and fell out the medals.

The Chicken was next to go enjoying the delights of Sylvia Saint but then he too got a soft on. Then onto the venga bus with 
Postie and Clinger fighting it out over who was going to take Carmen Electra whilst Camel was doing the photo shoot. Further up the front Woody, Sherps, Bricks and Stealthy were trying to get into gypos caravan where Paddy Batta and Llama where watching the incest going on with the comers - Candy on top this time. The Fly was buzzing around the Garbo and the Smackie was searching for something.. maybe a top five? Eagle Rabz Boxer Dog and Pimp all with the biggest diks on the set.

The outtakes show Fly, Batta, Eagle, Paddy and Boxer sproggin it to the line.

Well done gents see on Thursday for more filming...