8/5/2013 Classic Noize Report
Gentlemen of the pellet on the RANKINGS

With the absence of the mythical figure the duties of the King have been spread amongst the kingdom. As such hidden talents have been discovered and processes have been refined! 

A new retardo was called up to issue the speed call of the green train and at a ridiculous 52.8kph the Sherpa decided to help enforce his decision. Then after another functional introduction by the eagle it was off like Janie's nightie down the runway. 

The Pimp unmissable in his flouro work sock didnt need to tell us it was Business Time...

And Dogolotz is certainly showing a sniff of interest this early in the season...another dog the Boxa was sniffing his nuts sweetly in third position. 4th was hotly contested in the lords rankings but the chef served up some rabbit and beaver for main and desert whilst having his own mullet entree. As we moved into the mountains an angry Sherpa stubbed his toe on a brick which he picked up and threw at an eagle that was resting on the shoulder of a gypsy who was using a bat to train a young padawan on how to dispose of chicken into the garbage. 

this is ridiculous. continue? yeahh? nnnahh

The guy on the chinese plastic bike was next - its ok just chuck it out and get another one, followed by a group of guys who really were THE CARRIAGES. Glacier, Please and Thankyou, Uhhhh and Cliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinger all as useful as mudguards on a tortoise. The surprise package of the day was delivered by POSTIE as he sniveled the sniveler to snivile on the guy that is always snivelled just before the sprint was called off at the canal.  Stig, i know you were poised. 

Blatant deforestation of the amazon continues with the tall timber Ghostie and Goosey falling off the logging truck! Here we go again...they were rescued by a Zeppelin captained by a jolly jester who was busy turning a magic trick with a florist and a wizard to pull a fly out of a niggers ass oll - its time for bed.

So here its is...hopefully in time for daisy day