Is it on????

Today was a day for the hard men.

It was a day about not what happened but what didn’t happen. The King MIA on and off the airwaves left The Batsman with the choice of scrambling for a new weoh to get his stead up and running or leave the willow in the bag. The Kaleidoscope on the BOM made the decision for him but cost him dearly slipping not only from the GC podium but also off the top perch in the sprint.

Floating on the pedals a 50kph on the way down. The Iceberg was having a wine about the howling northerly again. I guess he has every right to given he spends most of his time in it. The ICEBERG - way way too strong again and off the front at posties peak on the way back what a monster. The EAGLE knows how to noise better that anyone showing yet again what it takes to be the GROAT. The KFC was on the EPO drip last night smashing it in 3rd. But then oh oh oh yet another man that is feeling the power of the BABY. Doma and The DOMMAS GUTZ rolling turn after turn. With the top 4 pretty clear The RACCOON polled 5th but still a sensation ride from the guy that is cementing 2nd in GC in the cup! Couple of rolls from the PIMP then saw the man to be the biggest benefactor of the day in what was perhaps the BIGGEST SNIVELLL of all time the STEALTH bringing up the rear of the green train to stranglehold 7th!!!!

The POSTIE couldn’t handle the stench of the SKUNK and then I think the SKUNK dry wretched at his own stench passing out around Goats Gruff. We needed to take a wide berth around the JESTER on the way home and the BOXA got knocked out before the fight began with a flat a Moonies mirrors.

With the TKM cup a forgone conclusion the Sprint is where the money is!! With a solid performance of the steam train it was then time for the really big guns to come out . And come out they did! With the leadout maxing out at 47kph the real power houses were just getting the legs warmed up. Then the nitrous was released at the canal and TKM best sprinter and the rider that has the most sprint cups went blow for blow in the 40kph head winds. With a calculated wind resistance of 87kph the speed was effectively 68kph the STEALTH was snivelling his way to victory as he was gaining on the early kick of the EAGLE - but he just ran out of road - again. Whilst Dommas Gutz was dominating the GC DOMA picked up some greenies in 3rd is there anything this team cant do. The consistency of the Glacier now sees him on top of the SPRINT CUP.

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