Amazing ride today AMAZING! The report won’t do it justice as I must be brief! All I know is that every time I looked at the SPEEDBOX there was a 5!!!

DOGRET headed up the rankings today with a standout 1. Rabid he was and every time the speedo was threatening to drop below the 5 the mutt put the snout down and sniffed it to the front. Conjecture about whether he made the start but given the kings replacement speech was lame there was no reason to check into club who! Anyway he was there at the start of the roll and was there in the middle and was there at the end and all the bits in between. SO there you have it.

Another canine of sorts getting back to his best was the BOXA in 2nd. Then there was a real cat fight for 3rd and the ICEBERG took it. Clearly the new tan was weighing him down in what is his WORST ride of the season. The PIMP capitalised off his warnie training for 4th and the DOZER showed us how much he missed the train by cementing his spot in the top 5. And there’s where it ended in GC the rest were cameos.

The eagle was back to his best in the sprint knowing exactly where to be at exactly the right time which coincided with the brown sign. The Beaver flapped his arm about 200 metres before the canal leaving the STEALTH to drop the hammer for 400 and was SNIVELLED only meters from the line by the EAGLE and the DOZER. The SBIM has now returned to green but the talk around Phamish was that this will be short lived as the money is on the stealth…..ooooooooooooohhhh ah.

Oh yeah some important information was uncovered at the coffee rub down. For those that don’t know, the Jester and the Farmer are related (infact brothers). Surprisingly however the Chunk is recognised as the funnier of the two…who would have thought?

That’s it. DD tomoz. Ride next to someone new. Take in RACOONS blues sock or talk to POSTIE about how he keeps his gloves so white. Pretend to laugh at Jesters jokes or yell out uuuuuuuuuuuuh and throw your hand in the air like WOOOOODY at the weoh. Maybe time trial down Doglot 5mins after 6am. Or maybe be there just in the hope that the KING will be and he calls the WILDCARD FOR HIS SINS!!!!