And just like that the North wind turned on its head and it was tunnel ball down wind at a junior sports carnival where all you could smell was the unwiped bottoms of 10 year olds. The usual suspects were hiding in the shelter shed but to give you an idea of the carnage that went on today the COMER brothers were bullied off the train taking with them the recently improved GHOSTIE.

The mini KING was blown away on the way down and the DOGLET didn’t really do the whole ride but is a worth a mention because model must have told him he was offering free dognuts at PHAMISH for his birthday (HB MODZ - Janie cant wait to give you your present, same with queen and jess) on a first in best dressed basis…Doglet seemed to be intent on securing all of them.  But that’s what you get when you don’t play by the RULES and so it’s nought.

 After another edition from Eagle down at club where are they now the call was set at 54kph in the right hand lane by the royal retarded one.  He is retarded for a reason because whenever I looked down the dial all I was seeing was 6s!!!

BAKER, MODEL, POSTIE, THE REEEEEEEEEAAAAAAD CUUUUUUUUUUUUURY and the STIGATRON all went to work on the NBN. Fibre was laid from Mordi to Mentone in the space of 2mins 30 its now in the Guinness book of records. They had to be dug out of the trenches by the BUTCHER and the SPRUCE GOOSE who hoisted the spinnaker and set about sailing back to St Kilda. They had the net out and picked up the SKUNK.  It’s around now that Clinger would have lost his voice. The beauy bumps loomed and that’s when the Fuhrer yelled out ACHTUNG! Smax opened up the zipper and stretched it all the way to the front with doggy sniffing ass the whole way.  Gaps opened up like Christchurch on a sunny day. It was carnage. CANDAY was gawn, GHOSTIE attached with umbilical cord when with him. RACOON had a shot at trying to close it - he blew, Jordy had a crack then Comer 2 took it into his hands to finish the job – no good. Then Garbo - booom. It took a combined 126 years of wisdom from normz/domma/dommagutz + a random to close the gap on the FIZZZZING train. Somehow through some miracle the GARBO and Jordy hung on.

Things seemed to be in order until we hit the Black Alps - the FARMER checked into Jenny craig and left a massive hole in what was left of the bunch. Who should fill that hole I here you ask? None other than the most dependable man in the peleton not to get dropped - the stealth making sure that he would be there at the end when it all mattered filled it in! The GARBO paying for his sins early was next and then a TRIO of NO ROLLS – STEALTH/DOMMA/PADDY getting sucked along for some of their best ranks of the season. EAGLE unusually low in the rankings clearly seeing his treasured sprint trophy in jeorpardy saving himself for a duel with the stealth.  

But all this was back stage. The was no question who was on broadway. The throbbing WET BEAVER,  the “didn’t even opening up” SMAX (whoops gets a kit penalty drops to 7) , the FERAL RABBIT, the super charged DOZER and the man with the tan THE ICEBERG…I gotta go to the LOCAL to get some carbs…see you in the morning weoh!

PS sprint was a ballzup.