And so it was, that on this day the king anointed himself in peanut butter and snuggled up to betsy that in another part of the world great things happened. The king stirred as he was nudged by his canine friend but he did not wake from slumber…instead he dreamt.

He dreamt of a rampaging green dragon that breathed fire in thypoonic winds that stretched across the globe. He saw warriors riding the dragon stabbing it with spears again and again trying to tame the wild beast. He saw fair maidens hanging from its mouth dressed in pink waiting and wanting to be saved by brave men looking to master the wild animal. But there was one warrior the stood out amongst the men in green. A man true with his weapon. A man without HORNS. A warrior that trudged his way to the very top of the beasts head - The SHERPA.   

Movement under the sheets. Betsy had come to life.

The dream shifted down the dragons neck and the king felt a rush as saw other familiar faces. The ICEBERG, The PIMP, the BOXA, The KFC. Then as a bellow of flames dissipated from the dragons nostrils he saw more green men riding its body. The EAGLE, the BEAVER, the SMAKIE who had been hurled from the dragons neck.  The king imagined himself with the warriors but speed of the animal was too much for him. He looked at the dragons tail. There they were more men he knew of the kingdom…The FLY, The STEALTH, The LLAMA, The FARMER, The STIG and the DOGLET who almost beheaded the beast if only he’d used the kingdoms weapon of choice.

But then the king wept has he saw the chargrilled path of destruction the dragon  had left. The CRACK only minutes from the beast being tamed, the CANDY losing his sword, the DOMA, the RACOON, The GHOST, the MODEL and the RED CURRY discarded on the side of the road like dragon excrement.

Betsy chomped. The kings eyes opened wide. He was awake. Reality set in…He turned to his phone to see why it was flashing like a disco. Strava was going  Bezzzzeerk. Every record on beach road had been broken by TKM! The king had not dreamt it. it was weoohl!