Autumn 2013 - Kew Boulevard ITT - The Bilby gets up

What a ripper morning. Crisp and fresh at 5 degrees reminding all that the Winter Season is almost here! Ranga heaven, Eagle hell!

But to important matters of the day....

It started with a rare incorrect prognostication from The Llama - as he and Random Jordy were the first to arrive The Lluma suggested the combination of the temperature, light and lack of The King would keep numbers to less than a dozen. Clearly the Kingdom responds to none of these as 23 riders plus Boxer plus Smackie turned up. Boxer is back on his feet and took control of the timing. Smackie was, well, moral support. Good to see you Smax ... 

It was too cold to muck around so the knights went off thick and fast. A few side bets were on the table ... Ghostie being most active in trying to help others to provide incentives to others to smash themselves (Candyman gave him 40 seconds, Llama gave him 25 ... no bets for guessing who has hung out with Eagle more).

Out on course riders clearly fell into two categories ... those on the drops and driving it ... and those for whom the ice was preventing them getting their heart rates above 100.

First to post a stunning time was The Sherpa. That's right ... just when you thought he had finally been recruited by Cadel he turns up and smashes out16:27.

It took until the death for Sherp's mark to be eclipsed. First to better it was the Greyhound ... perennial smasher of marks and clearly he has marked this as his personal playground. Second to launch his challenge was our maillot jaune ... the man for whom this ride was an unecessary formality having wrapped up the cup last week. Power to the pimp for smashing it to right to the end. However it was the dog's day. Riding an unbelievable 16:09 to take the ITT Autumn win by 8 seconds from the Pimp and 18 seconds to Sherps ... then daylight.   Massive congratulations to our podium, the engine room, Sherpa, Pimp and The Greyhound!

Looking quickly to other results ...

The next tranche of riders have clearly announced themselves, if not their intentions for the WINTER CUP. These four riders should definitely be thinking hard and long about committing to an assault. The Beaver and The Padawan are both on the cusp of greatness. While the The Laughing Camel and Iceberg posted licked-split times that will have the King drooling over. Well done you four ... the mountain stands before you (only 45+ seconds to span) ... but you have the gift now can you lift?

Other results worthy of note is the battle of the bros ... in this bout congratulations to the Pharma for showing Candy a clean pair of heals and the both of them leaving their random Brett almost a 2 minute gap to think about.

Postie gained a small piece of retribution over Ghostie after his Grampians denoument, putting 8 seconds into his nemesis. But the poor Ghost was sent packing to square zero ... loosing out to both Llama and Candy in his side bets and slipping a whopping 80 seconds behind the time he previously posted around the course. Soul searching required ... assuming ghosts have a soul.

Finally a note to our absent leige regarding those knocking on the door. Random Jordy is not only knocking but busting into the top 10! Random Jacqui is clearly a thoroughbred as The Spy will confirm. Random Brett, while having clear conflict with the cold, was at least committed enough to put a time on the board.

The full details are listed below. The last column lists the time difference from one rider to the next.

Thanks to Boxer for turning up and supporting all, taking some video for Brix to work with and looking after the timing. Great to see him back and mobile.

Look forward to seeing all out on the track to celebrate The Pimp's first cup triumph with the season ending Daisy Day on Thursday. It may even be a regal event.

Teh Llamatron

1 The Greyhound 16:09.07
2 The Pimp 16:17.08
3 The Sherpa 16:27.28
4 The Wet Beaver 17:14.75
5 The Padawan 17:16.21
The Laughing Camel 17:34.17
7 The Iceberg 17:35.89
8 The Llama 17:42.10
Random (Jordy) 17:48.14
10 The Batter 17:49.14
11 The Fly 17:49.38
12 The Brick 17:53.08
13 The Stealth 18:04.64
14 The Farmer 18:18.58
15 The Candyman 18:24.08
16 The Dominatrix 18:42.17
17 The Stig 18:51.11

18 The Postie 18:59.16

19 The Ghost 19:05.09
20 Spruce Goose 19:18.22
21 Random (Jacqui) 19:32.56
22 The Spy 19:59.71
23 Random (Brett) 20:10.25