weoh are COOOOKING!!!

Today was a solid turnout of kingsmen and saw the return of the likes of the greyhound , the sherpa, the doma, domas gutz and the carrot. But none of this had any impact on the heat that was getting generated upfront from the ICEBERG’s solarium.

With the doors open at berger’s salon The beaver and the farmer went in to see who could get the best tan. The BEAVER shaved down and wearing a nothing but a skimpy thong won hands down. Someone probably should have told The FARMER you don’t get brown in boardshorts…

The GREYHOUND was also banging on the door to get cooked to coverup his donny donut as was the BATTA having a little session to hide the fact that he is a ranga and the EAGLE just slipped in before closing for a quick top up rounding out business for the day.

There was a queue guys that missed opening hours and had to rely on good old fashion spray tan. The SHERPA, the SMAKIE and the PADAWAN were doing a Gen Y at the races leaving brown all over their dinner shirts.

The guys that couldn’t get their hands on a spray can just had to rely on natural tan. And what gods they are - the RACOON tanned by name, the KING (aka the carrot) a dirty style tan, the STEALTH with a GC tan that has no lines and no end and the DOMA I own that tan!

The CANDYMAN, The GHOST, The CLINGER were fondling little stiffies like teenagers at the beach watching the chicks getting spray tanned. But the man that has the ultimate tan is the POSTIE and he presided over a man that certainly needs a tan being the GOAT. Finally the FLY – well he just don’t tan.  Now if ive missed anyone you’ve must have a moon tan.

Anyway summer is just around but for the meanwhile see you at the SALON again tomorrow where the BERGER will have the solarium on HIGH!!!