...She broke your throne and she cut your hair and from your lips she drew the broken yellowlujah…

The seasons bridesmaid has finally done it. She has risen to the occasion. She has stepped out of the shadows of the hulk. She has taken the Jesalenko of the bouquet. She is the cat that got the cream. She is the BOOOTY of Rihanna. She is the Ronald Jeremy of the GREEN TRAIN!!!!!!! She is the spock of star trek. She is the wettest of the wettest beavers IN THE DAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is He that is the WET BEAVER!!

Well hello yellow! The BEAVER has taken the number one spot on todays ride and with it been catapulted into the coveted YELLOW. He has it by one single point! What an ending to the season! And what a noiZZZe! IM like big kev Im excited! I cannot wait for the ITT when the cup will actually be decided because 1 point is not enough! With the ICEBERG tracking near the equator on the last couple of rides he was bound to melt. And melt he did dripping into second position. Now if you do the mathematics, given that chunk was 3 ahead last noize you don’t need to be the dragon to work out the FARMER has taken 3rd.  Solid. But it is not over. Not yet. As I said one point is not enough. With the top 5 positions of a ranking ride each attracting 2 points basically the FARMER must beat the beaver or the BEAVER must beat the farmer. RANKINGS MEAN NOTHING NOW!!!!!!! IT IS BETWEEN THE BEAVER, THE FARMER AND THE CASIO!!!! BRING IT! WWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEOH WEEEOH WEEOH.

Now a little dot to dot to connect the rest of the train…

DOGLET snout down and up and down and up sniffing the crotch of the engine room

BATTA 5 runs away from a ton

RABBIT got dropped! Then got back on THANK YOU NORTHROAD LIGHTS

BOXER into round 8

EAGLE how about 9th? OUtRAGEOUS!

FLY no mortein today

SHERPA massive massive skiddy. Then got back on THANK YOU NORTHROAD LIGHTS

PADDY solid ride but look you are in 12th!!!

RACOON highly ranked lowly ranked. WHAT is going on?

STEALTH will you go for some yellow now that you have another colour on your row?

CAMEL laughing all the way to bank?

GARBO another trashy ride in comparison to last season

GHOSTIE no substitute for the road. Get off the trainer.

SPY has all the info you need to know about hanging on the train.

SKUNK will agree todays ride stunk

POSTIE the mail just got blown away today

GOAT still some mountains to climb

RED CURRY found the going hot today

BIGGLE mixing it with the ladies

JESTER another gagathon from the bigman

WIZARD time to weave some magic