The heat is ON!

FULL NOIZE - Thursday August 1st

Well well well.... 

Its not just 3 holes the ground! Its a burger made out of beaver by a farmer!

Firstly apologies for the late distribution for this report but I was still rearranging my rectum after a stirling peptile performance of the GREEN train last Thursday.

Last Thursday saw the stakes tighten yet again!

The ICEBERG is walking on water at the moment clinching his tanned sphincter and securing his 2nd no. 1 spot in a row!  Well done champ putting pressure on the breakaway up front. 

Further up the road there is nothing in it and if the silent furry wet one could stroke himself in the rankings, I'm sure it would be dead set even. However the FARMER extends his lead ever so slightly by driving his tractor all the way to the fenceline and restricting the BEAVER to the 3rd paddock. 

Worth noting is that if the berger nails another 1 then he is looking at a real possibility of taking the cup should the cycling god tea-bag the leaders with a mechanical...  

There were plenty of notable camoes, but the pick were the Eagle, Paddy and Camel and Doma's Guts - but not Doma, which was surprising given how well Doma is riding at the moment. I guess no matter how well Doma is riding Doma's gutz is always gunna beat him!

The Racoon, everybodies favourite, was totally over-ranked and it took wise old Postie set things straight. And set things straight he did with a squirt up the DSC, whoops, Warren. Anyway thats enough of GC..your BORING me! 

On to the sprint and with the Batta waiting for the official all clear that the peloton is back on its feet, the Eagle is flying off hopefully into the sun with some wax wings.

Stiggy DQd the Fly so Eagle took it out with Paddy Stealth and Berger all sniveling up the rear.

Check it out on the webby!

Ohh yeah!

See you tomorrow. Bring your foreskins.