With a howling north wester and a record speed on the way down, we quickly discovered that the mere presence of the icebergs pectorals was enough to scare off the remaining contenders. After weak declarations the Paddy and the Boxer have taken to the doona rather than the tarmac. The berger now has a clear run to see out the remainder of the season…

SO the call was made at club ‘someone’ for Somalian warriors to take it up to the big ice boss. Consequently the Nut Kicker and the Fly went toe to toe throwing spears, stones and everything they had at the big orange frosty fruit. But it was not enough, the ICEBERG reigned supreme!  FLY took out the number 2 in what was without doubt his best ride since when he got the coveted cup. Good on you.  And The SHERPA was like Tron dancing up and down the peleton like it was a circuit board.

Other notable events that were noted was the restoring of order of the GHOSTIE/POSTIE/DOMA hierarchy. With a self proclaimed safety is paramount call and postie getting blown away like a letter in a hurricane, Doma stamped his weight over 12th position with a SOLID late roll over posties peak just to rub it in.

And on to the sprint….Now now now what have we here???? A DING DONG battle is on the GO. With the top three being separated by just 1 point after 3 contests the sprint season is ALIVE and KICKING. The steam train steadied itself before the Glenhuntly lights as the llama took the reigns and guided the missile that only recently has found the codes to unlock himself. The STEALTH pressed the red button and launched from the canal in what was one of the longest lunges for the brown sign of all time. Hitting speeds close to the big 60 in -50kph wind there were only 2 that could follow. And in what is truly a roll reversal for the season the sniveller was snivelled to the line in only the last few metres by the EAGLE and the BATTA!!!