Today's clanger was brought to you by the little moses...

POSTIE revved the engine with a stirring speech that brought the sandy vag's scuttling from club clinger. 

Earlier with the threat of noize being canceled by the king being questioned by his minions.. The royal carrot passed the reigns of the kingdom to the 3 wise men. This infact ensured that FN would proceed without issue.

A 50k southerly meant we hit the runway at full speed and its fair to say that only a 5 was seen on the dial today. There was a little bit of argy bargy in the foothills of Mt Mentone with some random touching wheels at 50k+ (something we will have to address on THursday). But the big dogs got down to chewing the bone around there. DOGLET and BOXA where outstanding today and so was CANDY but in cruel twist of fate the tied first position pushed Candy down to 3rd.  

In 4th we saw  another tie in TURTLE and EAGLE (booooooooooooooo) eagle definately benefiting from some hidden code in the spreadsheet...but still the GROAT smashed it where it counted and deserves the accolades. Turts however rocketed up on the GC in teh Spready from 11th to 5th!!! More hidden code???

SUBBY surfaced in 6th and CRACK and STEALTH were to busy chatting about the state of woody's hair and waffles to rank in the engine room. The KID was snooping around the train too. But with the amount of alimony this guy pays he wasnt interested in getting close and personal.

As the train whistled through the Black Alps who should bob up but the GOAT!!!! awesome work with the boy starting to find some form of old. Bright 2006 here we come! Goat however checked out at the gruff.

Couple more checked out in the ROOBOY and the WHIP both devastated they were POTA because these boys know they can hang on..

But the man that is above it all. The man that inspired us today. The man that always looks a million bucks. The man whom the king most wants to hold but didnt was the POSTIE. It didnt matter though the man smilling at coffee today clearly operating on a higher plain...

Oh almost forgot JESTER was out there too pulling the advertising trailer...

See you Thursday if I dont get Doma disease How good is noise!???