Cooking up a storm at the Jack McDonough Memorial Road Race

On the weekend, TKM’s own The Chef competed in the A-grade Northern Combine Jack McDonough Memorial Road Race in Kyneton against a quality field.

The Chef, or The Enigma as he is also affectionately known, has form like a rollercoaster.  This bloke rode off the front of the SKCC A-grade Road Champs when he was about 10 years old to take a solo victory about 20 minutes ahead of the peloton.  This same bloke has been dropped up the 1 in 20 by a bunch of C-grade hacks on a weekend ride.  But looking at him, one suspects it is more in the head than in the legs as he’s more physically blessed than Ivan Drago.  He’s been absent from the racing circuit for a while, but is always out on his bike pumping out long solo miles, so the result is hardly surprising.  In his words, this is what happened:

  • Attacked 200m into the 85km race
  • Did 53-63kph for first kilometre with massive tailwind
  • Turned around and two guys were left, with a third guy in no-mans land
  • Three of us got out to 90sec at 50km in
  • Hit some decent hills, then with 20km left the bunch was right behind us, 30sec back
  • One of the other two guys thought it was all over, and it looked that way, and he headed back to the bunch halfway up a climb.
  • The second guy and I got to the top and nailed the descent, then the next climb, and got 20sec back on the field who thought they had us and eased up at the top.
  • 15km to go I sensed the other guy struggling, so hit him up a short rise and got away
  • Rounded the next corner into massive winds, and wished I'd kept him with me!
  • Kept going, pacing, pacing
  • Couldn't see the bunch back through the corners
  • Got to 4km to go and saw two guys coming, only 100m off now, the one on the front in Drapac kit, I sat up at the top of a rise and waited
  • Jumped on the back, then we rolled a few turns each, then with 3.5km left Lapthorne hit us and went up the road
  • I sat on the other guy until Darren had a decent gap, then hit the other guy and bridged to Darren
  • Rolled turns to the finish to take 2nd

The Chef.  No snivelling.  Just big balls, an engine the size of Godzilla, and the big ability to go deep.  What a weapon!