The Beaver goes large at the Thunderdome

It took only 100-odd rides for The Beaver to win the coveted TKM Cup, in the harsh elements of the Winter season, no less. So, what do you do after such an achievement? You go back to racing with the peasants of the general population, for a laugh.

As a regular CCCC racer, Beavz has been honing his sprint skills for some time down at Glenvale, trying to snag a win and finally, on the last crit of the season, it happened. What a legend... here is the report, from the man himself......

One last crack at Glenvale for the season - haven't done much good over the crit season so wasn't feeling to optimistic. However, I thought this could be my day when ominously I was handed my number and it was my old b'ball jersey number that I dominated in.

To the race.. 3 riders got away early but the bunch wasn't letting any more get up the road. I was nestled nicely on big Tommy Leapers weeoh - this bloke surely is a good weoh to follow (editors note: he was marshalling). After 30 mins and with another move shut down, I snuck off the front with Stroidy Jnr (this kid is going to be a weapon). For 15 mins went balls deep to establish the break with 3 others before another 3 bridged across.

Break now has a 30sec gap and 10mins +3 remaining - it was time to start thinking recovery and how not to fvck this up. What would DS Woodrow do? When would Prosmx go whack? When would The King pull the trigger? Unlike races gone by, I held onto my weapon and decided I'd wait for the sprint. I'd had a gel, sipped some water and dialed down the turns. I was cooked though. I needed something more. I searched within for the inspiration and finally it dawned upon me and i found it, it was the sniveller. With 2 laps to go I had found my way into the perfect position 3 weeohs back in a break where surely noone could sprint that well. Bell lap and still 3rd weeoh. Attacks flying but a sniveller doesnt respond, someone else must respond and they did. Round the last corner for the sprint and this Beaver is licking his lips. The perfect spot, the perfect leadout. Absolutley flying down the straight and I unleashed a kick for the ages that even the taloned one would have been happy with. Crossed the line at what was surely 75km/h 1/4 of a weoh ahead of 2nd. 

I'm going to need a media manager this week.