The EBB and FLOW of cycling, and life.

This morning, CHUNK, or The Farmer, as he is formally known, was seeking some motivation and perspective on cycling, and life in general. He knew exactly where to find it. 

Enter The Redneck Hick (Woody) - the spiritual centre of TKM, a man who has seen it all and understands the flow of cycling, and life, better than most. This man is an emotional roller-coaster, but he is OK with that. 

Can you relate to the EBB or the FLOW? 

Here is Woody's advice for Chunky - something that all cyclists should read:


CHUNK - when you run the internet, sell phone cards and are working your way up to running Dodo, you can lose track of the ebb and flow of life. When you are down in ebb, down in the valley, the sun sets earlier, the air is colder and it bites, and your view is shorter. You look at all the blokes on the flow side of life, on the high side, like Fatty riding 1000km a week and the PERNRTRATR riding like a man possessed, and it’s like a million miles away. The view is too long. The view to that Polly Waffle packet or 2L ice-cream tub is shorter. You take the short view on the long perspective, because the long view just looks too much. It feels like you are always in the CROSS WINDS. In the GUTTER. 

 This is the time when you need to fvck off the training programs, the races in the future, all that shit that you think is going to kick-start your motivation. Also, stop hanging around irritating people on the high ebb - i.e. stop taking calls from your brother. I heard him and Fatty are motor-pacing at midday tomorrow. Seriously. That’s the type of shit that does nothing for the head. You need to avoid those people. 

 It’s time to get out and just ride and talk shit. You are an expert at this, so it won't take much motivation. Get out and ride for a bit of a laugh. Maybe 6 hours down to Portsea listening to Smax alternate between talking about BIG TEAMS, Brown Sugar, Tinder, Hendo and power meters. Maybe it’s riding to Kinglake and just thinking of the muffin you will smash at the Smiths Gully General Store. Maybe it’s getting out with some old blokes of the MRR ride and smashing them up to feel good about yourself. And really, who the fvck wants to be training hard this time of year?? For what??

 Slowly you will pop your head up and start riding for you. You will know that it doesn't matter if you get pumped out the arse of Noize for the 5th time in a row, ala WOODY, if you are still having fun. Then a fvcking funny thing will happen - when you are having fun, you will be heading back up that hill again because you aren't looking at it, you are just doing what you want to do when you want to. 

 Then the CHUNK will reappear. QUADZILLA will rise again. You will be splitting pants every which way, with your legs, rather than your ample arse. COCO will be DESSICATING the peloton.

 That said, stop fvcking eating. Candy said you had 3 pieces of his birthday cake on Sunday.