I want Candy

For the 671st time THE KINGSMEN slapped each other on the arse, laughed at Eagle’s hairy legs and  rolled out from Racer to head down to the club of the guy formally known as ‘Clinger’.  The pace was birdlike as we flew down at 57kph courtesy of a strong northerly.

It gave us all the opportunity to pay respect to the POWER house at TKM -  The Wahoo Smakatron – well done smax 2nd in the Hamilton classic. Winners pull the chicks and BG was stuck by his side for an early turn before things started heating up in the kitchen…

With the king going soft on rule 55 it was left to some other retard to step to the plate and put mustard on the troops. A poultry theme was endorsed and The Stealth squawked around like a headless chook trying to open the coup to let the chickens out.

Woody made an owl like speed call and we were off into the head wind to fire up the oven.  The roasting took a while with the roll thick with seasoned riders. It was exceptional with plenty of contributors continuing well in to the eagles nest. But from here it was obvious that in amongst all the chickens were a few roosters!

The LLAMA relishing in the conditions pulled off a 3rd. The BERGER cooked his fillet in the tanning salon for 2nd.  And for a first in the world of comer the CANDY leaped from the deep fry vat to strangle the top spot. Well done candy!  You certainly busted your way back into the kingdom.

See ya all at the drive through tomorrow – if its not too wet!