Heading towards the pointy end of the season and its “Daylight come and we wanna go home…”

It looks like barring the puncture gods THE ICEBERG has peeled the banana and shoved it down everyone’s throat. A sterling performance from the overgrown oompa loompa stamping his name all over Tuesdays FULL NOIZE.

The DOGGY got jiggy and showed us his stuff not bad for a mutt of 294 years. It was pretty close. But I guess berger is just more popular. Speaking of popular the LLAMA was slipping on the banana peels back in 3rd and it was in some way sad for the man who can just TURN IT ON not bag a 1 to BRING IT BACK!

Anyway never say never and mathematically it is still within reach. The cup is alive…watch it all unfold again tomorrow for “Another Edition of Noize”.

Alles Klar?

Where did you come?