Hi boys,

Raccoon, Chicken, Smackie and I headed down on Friday night for the first race of the VRS season The Tour of East Gippsland. Being a 4hr drive it was good to have the company of the Raccoon. His choice of music is a little questionable and leaving his car at the petrol bowser for 40 minutes while we ate in the service station. A weekend that would be full of funny and not so funny stuff ups.

The smackie taught us a new word over the weekend when he said multiple times that he was "creeping". We think it meant he wasn't in great form as he hadn't recovered fully from the Herald Sun Tour but no one was quite sure.

So, off to the racing. The raccoon and I followed a specific warm up on our trainers before the ITT and allowed ourselves heaps of time to be ready. Heading off to the ITT I found myself holding my dick being 5 minutes early at the start line. I decided in my wisdom to go for another spin to only lose track of time and hurriedly make what I thought was my start time. Anyhow the ITT went well my legs felt good and I thought I put in an ok time. The results came out and I was ranked about 17/24 riders. My garmin differed from my official time quite a bit. Anyhow long story short I found out that I had missed my start time by 40 seconds. FVCK! I would have gone into the road race 7th in GC and instead was going in 17th.

So, then we had the Road race in the afternoon. A lot of race tactics were discussed between Chicken, Coon and myself with the professional advise from ProSmax. We were to drop the Coon into his sweet spot for the sprint finish. We had it all sorted. Then the race started...within the first 500 meters a guy went off the front and Chicken went with him. They were off the front for a good 15km while Coon and I sat at the back chatting saying how easy this was with a team mate up ahead and not doing a thing to lift the pace of the group. Anyhow the most combative award goes to Chicken for holding the group off for 15km before being caught. The race pace was up and down with plenty of cat and mouse tactics. In the end it finished in a group sprint with 10 of us. The Coondawg lived up to his reputation of being a quality sprinter and came from 7th wheel to just miss out on 1st, earning himself 2nd.

Teh Candyman, still not wearing a watch.

Prosmax being tired of racing with amateurs on roads that aren't closed to which he has become accustomed too decided to pack up and head home so he could get giggabooed with Brazza on the Sunday.

We headed into the Crit with 3 intermediate sprints with time bonuses of 15,10 and 5. And a time bonus of 20 seconds for the winner. The crit went well and i managed to score one of the intermediates and a 3rd in another picking up 20 seconds all together. If I hadn't had a brain fart for the ITT this would have placed me comfortably in 3rd on GC. FVCK. Anyhow the race never finished as there was a massive crash on the last intermediate sprint. I literally had to swerve around an airborne bike. Some poor bastard ended with a suspected broken collar bone and pelvis!

So, that's a wrap. I would encourage you guys to try and join me on the 21/22 March for the Tour of Mansfield. It does make it much more enjoyable when you have mates there with you.