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TOUR de PERTH 2013
Just spoke to SMAX, he dictated a note, as he is pretty shagged. I'm not too quick, but I'm pretty sure, word for word, this is what he said:

Dear Fellows,

I enjoyed a wonderful and challenging first stage of the Tour De Perth on Rottnest Island. The pace was incredibly fast, at an average of 47 km/h over a lumpy 80 kilometres, and methinks it was much more challenging than a session being paced by a motor cycle, of which as you know I am a strong advocate. With many junior cyclists in the event, inevitably due to their inexperience I was involved in two crashes. Terrifyingly, in one such crash I was catapulted over my handlebars into the scrub. Thankfully, with some other chaps, we were able to work together collegiately to recover our position.

With two kilometeres to go I was well postioned behind gents such as Giacoppo and other Italiano sounding types, with a small group further up the road. There was quite a swarming of cyclists into the last kilometer and I thought it best not to overextend but still achieve the same time group as my colleagues. Coming in about 37 seconds down on GC and 42nd overall.

Our team has done well, I'm really excited about the ITT tomorrow where I hope to perform well. Thank you all for your tremendous support to date.

Kind regards

Teh Smackie


GIRO 2013 update 1st May


Giro, it evokes thoughts of.....I'm not sure at the moment to be honest, I haven't thought about it and have NO IDEA who is even racing at the moment as I have just moved to Cambodia. Currently my focus is on:

1. Eating as much as possible

2. drinking as much as possible

3. Not getting run over by motos

Jan Ullrich Giro.jpg

But rest assured once the Giro starts I will be all over it. I have already found a place to watch it and will be setting up camp for the month. Giro runs from 6 to 9ish in these parts of the world so plenty of time to quell the natives, hunt some elephants and get the plantation planted before putting the pith helmet and elephant gun down to enjoy a well deserved $2 GnT.


We are intending the run the tipping through the a new website which will be confirmed in the next day or so. So at this stage I just need an email confirming your interest and once we are LIVE I will email you a link to the competition.

Entry is $25. I will pin through break up of cash once we have a list of interested parties.


Firstly.... good morning Clinger.


Secondly, Norman pulled the rip-chord on his podium position and has fallen all the way to 5th. It's a slippery slide he is on now - one that I can't see stopping.

Thirdly, The Dogolot has climbed back onto the podium and did so with an strong No. 1 ranking yesterday - in the process, spoiling The Pimp's run at the perfect season.

Otherwise, other notable performances came from Rabbitz, who is maintaining a high level of drive from limited k's, as is The hairy Eagle. The Berger continues to surprise and seriously HOW GOOD IS THE KING!

Wall of noize.JPG

But most pleasing is seeing the entire TKM train chew up and spit out any Randoms that dare to enter our domain.  

This is NOIZE.

Nothing else matters.

TKM RRC Halls Gap 2013

TKM's annual Road Race Championships were held in April at Halls Gap over 3 gruelling stages.
Full report coming soon..

Next Ride...

Tuesday morning FULL NOIZE
Thursday morning FULL NOIZE
Saturday morning HoP, with BRX.

Latest Autumn Ranking

1st -  The Pimp
2nd - The Hairy Eagle
3rd - The Doglet