Welcome to the first edition of the Le Tour tipping report and well what was a stage that was going EXACTLY to plan went pear shaped soon after Orica jammed the venga bus under the 1km to go banner. Seriously WTF you can't make this up.

But more on that later. Back to the start and a positive and motivated peloton were met by a cracking day in Corsica with all the latest fashions were out on show: Sagan's dirty goatie, Degenkolb's absolutely filthy mo and the master of ceremonies, Marcel Kittel, who looks like the lost BROS brother. WHAT A SPUNK.


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Teh good people at Preston Cycling Club put on another spectacular show with the annual climb up Murchison Gap.

TKM fielded a team of 7 with The Batter of scratch finishing 2nd and The Pimp finishing 5th. 

A devastating attack from The Candyman at the 95k mark was inspired by Terpstra's effort in the closing kms of Stage 1 at Le Tour only hours before - like Terpstra, The Candyman was hauled back within 600m.

Participation awards and showbags go to The Farmer, The Beaver and TKM's latest addition - The Raccoon, collecting the Latern Rouge. 

  The Pimp to donate the winning tubes to our miser, The Camel.

 The Pimp to donate the winning tubes to our miser, The Camel.


This particular morning started as per usual during Winter in Melbourne - COLD, WET, DARK.

We rolled out at 6am from Racer and half way down to Elwood bright lights appeared. They were the lights of Subaru LeTourPrologue . And the shining lights were that of TV and promises of STARDOM.  TKM had made it to the PRIME TIME TV FOLKS!!!

So with the new found light, the heavy wet shoes and drifting thoughts of somewhere warmer under a doona VANISHED. 

At Mordi we grouped and prepared for a fast ride home. Nothing else to mention, it was a very standard FULL NOIZE ride to BP, with speeds touching 60km/hr in most parts. 

Arriving at Phamish, there were more commitments to TV and many a coffee were cut short.  The price of stardom!!


Catch the Le Tour Prologue guys before the race, they guarantee an entertaining perspective of the greatest show on Earth - Le Tour.

TKM RRC Halls Gap 2013

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Tuesday morning FULL NOIZE
Thursday morning FULL NOIZE
Saturday morning HoP*, with BRX.

Latest Autumn Ranking

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