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Caught on the fab Fly6 by Teh Ghost, this was a FULL NOIZE for the ages and maybe even The Age.

Highlights include hitting 80km/hr coming into Eagle's Nest. 

Hammers Thrown, Matches Burnt, Yellow Bands Shelved, TT Ironmen spat out, Tyrers Blown, Blowing like Hookers,  Cuban Romeo's Smoked -  ITS ALL GOOD.


Nothing else matters.


Image courtesy of Channel 7. YEP THAT SAYS 18% !!

Image courtesy of Channel 7. YEP THAT SAYS 18% !!

JOEL dropped hammers and burnt matches during the 174km Cadel Classic 'along' the Great Ocean Road.

The good people from Cycling News also got wood over his performance - "With 100km to race, the gap had dropped down to 3:19 minutes as back in the bunch the chase was being led by Joel Strachan of Navitas-Satalyst at the average speed of 55km/h."
A little slower than our Tuesday and Thursday rides.

Full Race Report to come.

Next Ride...

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