LATEST NEWS: April 28th 2013
The Pimp gets 2nd in B-Grade at Tour of South West. The Smax is 7th overall in A-Grade. And The Batter and The Sherpa bring it home at the Mt Beauty MTB 6hr race.

Pimp's brief report here:
Was a pretty good day out there. The start was from within the car park using a gravel road for the neutral zone, which was about 10m long and then people dropped the hammer before everyone was even out the gate. The winds were unbelievable, cross breeze pushing everyone into the gutter. One for the tough men. On the second lap after making the turn from a block headwind a guy made a gap. I crossed the gap and the peloton just sat there. Another came across and we made the decision to see how we would go. Held about a 30 second gap to the start/finish line and on the third lap I decided to drop the hammer and we didn't see B grade again. Coming into the sprint I got a perfect lead out and punched 100m out for the win. To add to the win I won 3 of 5 KOM and 3 of 5 sprints. So overall a pretty good morning. Still waiting on the ITT results. 

Next Ride...

Tuesday morning FULL NOIZE
Thursday morning FULL NOIZE
Saturday morning HoP, with BRX.

Latest Autumn Ranking

1st -  The Pimp
2nd - The Hairy Eagle
3rd - The Doglet